All our teachers are native speakers from different Arabic countries (Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, UAE). Some of them hold teaching qualifications from SOAS university and have many years teaching experience. They have taught in the UK and other countries.  Our teachers understand the specific challenges that English speakers face when learning Arabic and have developed methods to overcome them. 

They are all creative and use a variety of techniques and materials. Our teachers are positive, patient, flexible people with good humour. They can also advise students on how to study at home and improve their Arabic outside of the classroom. 

We select our teachers for individual tuition according to your specific needs and timetable.  Thanks to the specialised nature of our Arabic Institution we can offer a course that is tailor-made for you.

Read on for more information about some of our teachers...

Omar Nassra 

Omar Nassra is the Director of London Arabic Tuition.  He specializes in teaching the Levantine dialect and political/media Arabic.  Omar has over 7 years experience teaching one-to-one in Syria and London.  

He has published several textbooks, including, How to Speak Levantine Arabic and a dictionary of colloquial Arabic.  

Omar is one of the few teachers in the world who have worked out a system for teaching colloquial Arabic.  His methods are highly successful, and his students know him to be a natural teacher, flexible, patient and passionate about his subject. 

He currently teaches diplomats working for the Foreign Office.  Omar is committed to professional development and has an Arabic teaching degree from SOAS University.

Nahed Hemesh

Nahed is a native Arabic speaker and currently teaches Arabic across a wide range of levels to students of all ages and abilities. Nahed has over 5 years experience in teaching adults and children as well. Nahed specializes in teaching Modern Standard Arabic, Levantine Arabic and Gulf Arabic.  She is flexible, easy going and friendly teacher who believes in interactive teaching methods and making the student a partner in the learning/teaching process and not a recipient of new info.

Muthafar Alqasem

Muthafar specializes in teaching Modern Standard Arabic and the Gulf dialect.  He has many years teaching experience and also works as a presenter for Iraqi media channels.  He is originally from Iraq and has a degree in journalism and translation. 


Haifa Saad

Haifa is Lebanese and has several years teaching experience.  She specializes in teaching Modern Standard Arabic and the Levantine dialect.  She previously worked at UCL Language School, London.  Haifa is a highly effective teacher who gets excellent results from her students. 


Esra Hamad 

Esra is from Jordan and has spent many years in Egypt.  She specializes in teaching the Levantine and Egyptian dialects as well as Modern Standard Arabic.  She has a teaching certificate from SOAS University and a degree in translation (Arabic-English). 


Samir Jabal 

Samir Jabal is currently a Lecturer of Arabic at Middlesex University. He  also works as a professional translator.  Samir originally comes from Morocco and speaks English and French fluently.  He has a Certificate in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language from SOAS.


Nahla Barkat is a native Arabic Syrian speaker. She specialises in teaching the Levantine dialect and Media Arabic. Nahla has over 9 years experiences of teaching Arabic. She has a teaching certificate from SOAS University.

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