London Arabic Tuition offers the opportunity of studying Arabic in Damascus,Syria. We work in partnership with tutors in Damascus, offering you the chance to study Arabic and immerse yourself in the Syrian culture. Damascus is one of the oldest cities in the world, yet it is most definitely not a museum. Life  goes on amongst the ruins of Roman temples and in the courtyards of elegant mosques.  Contrasts are everywhere tradition tea houses compete with European-style cafes; in the market prayer beads jostle for space with plastic toys. Damascus boasts some of the worlds most important religious sites the stunning Omayad Mosque dominates the Old City, and the village of Maalula, where Aramaic is still spoken, is a short bus ride away.

In recent years Damascus has become a hotspot for Arabic learning, with a large student community from all over the world.  There are now a few night clubs in the Old City, and many internet cafes.  Alternatively, students can relax in a more traditional way, by taking a trip to the hammam (Turkish baths). The cost of living is cheap by British and American standards, so visitors can take advantage of the many restaurants serving Middle Eastern cuisine. A pleasant evening can be spent relaxing in a caf on Mount Qassioun, overlooking Damascus.


An excellent bus service connects Damascus to all the important historical and cultural sites of Syria, making it easy to visit the Roman ruins of Palmyra, the bustling markets of Aleppo and the beaches of Lattakia. Syria is well-placed for those wishing to visit the rest of the Middle East. Lebanon and Jordan are just a few hours drive away, and Egypt and Iran just a short flight away

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