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If you are interested in learning to speak Arabic before going on holiday or to further your career, your approach to learning the language will be different from studying it in school. It is absolutely not a question of becoming too old or set in your ways to pick it up; rather the difference is in the learning goals. When you decide to “say Hello” to a new language as an adult, the starting point is in a different place.

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How Children Learn Language

When children are learning to speak, they already have the benefit of having heard their parents, family members and other people around them speaking the native language from the time they were born. They start to form these sounds on their own, and the child is getting feedback as they start to develop vocabulary.

Over time, the child puts two and three words together, and then forms simple sentences. By the time they start school, they are speaking relatively well. Instruction focuses on developing skills such as reading, comprehension, spelling, grammar and writing.

Adult Second Language Learning

Adults who decide that they would like to learn a new language don’t have the benefit of having heard it while growing up. However, it would be unrealistic to treat them as children who would be expected to learn a single word at a time in the same way that young children do.

That’s simply not a realistic way to learn, and it would be extremely boring. No one would continue with language classes if all that they were learning were single words or short phrases that didn’t get them closer to what they really want – which is to be able to speak the language.

Say Hello to Language Learning at London Arabic Tuition

At London Arabic Tuition, we understand that our students want to spend their time learning how to speak Arabic. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of Arabic to get started; all you need is a willingness to learn.

For example, our Beginners Spoken Arabic Course will teach you simple conversations that you can use in everyday situations. You’ll want to know how to say Hello and introduce yourself to the person you are speaking with, and this is an appropriate place to start.

This program also includes:

• Instruction on the Arabic alphabet
• Reading and writing Arabic
• Basic Arabic grammar

We also teach our students about Arabic culture as part of our basic language course. Our students can choose to learn either the Levantine, Egyptian, Gulf or Moroccan Arabic dialect in their course. If they develop a deeper understanding of the culture in the countries where the dialect of their choice is spoken, it will help with learning the language.

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If you are able to picture a rich and varied culture where people are speaking Arabic in their daily lives, you will be more likely to keep studying and practicing until you feel comfortable with the language. It is much more than simply words that you are speaking and learning with your instructor’s help.

Your goal is to be able to feel comfortable enough to have a conversation where you can use inflections in your voice which are your own so that your pronunciation is no longer stiff. You can say the words, but it doesn’t mean that you are speaking and feeling the language. With the guidance of the expert instructors at London Arabic Tuition, we can help you get to that point.

We Provide Everything you Need Learn to Speak Arabic

At London Arabic Tuition, we provide individual and group language training to suit the needs of students at all levels of ability. Before assigning any student to a course, we arrange an appointment with our Director to discuss the student’s goals to ensure that each student is enrolled in the appropriate class and at the right level of study. This step ensures our students’ complete satisfaction with our courses.

With the variety of courses we have on offer, we are confident that if you are prepared to learn how to say Hello to learning how to speak Arabic, we can teach you how to speak the language. You bring your dedication and willingness to learn, and you will be having conversations in Arabic very quickly.

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