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In the UK as well as other countries, business is being conducted on an international level more than ever before. Many firms are not content to simply deal with customers on a local level, but actively seek out markets in other cities as well as abroad.

It is no longer considered in any way unusual to deal with customers in different time zones or who speak different languages during the course of a normal business day. One of the best things you can do to boost your odds for career success is to learn to speak Arabic (or another foreign language).

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Career-related Reasons to Learn Arabic

Businesses value language skills among employees.

• The results of the Confederation of British Industry’s Education and Skills Survey (2013) reported that the majority (70 percent) of businesses which responded “value language skills among their employees”. These skills are used to build relationships with suppliers, customers and clients.

• Arabic ranks as one of the top 10 languages of the United Kingdom’s most important export markets.

The United Arab Emirates is an important market for UK-produced goods, with over £5.3 billion in trade being exported annually (Office for National Statistics, 2013).

• The UK government has stressed the importance of continuing to develop its relationships with trading partners.

Its strategy for future growth includes a number of nations, including the Gulf States. Learning Arabic gives candidates a relevant skill that employers seeking to access these markets will find attractive when making decisions about hiring and promoting staff.

• Learning Arabic places you in a good personal position to take advantage of career opportunities in and from countries in emerging high growth markets.

Learning a second language is only going to benefit you as a job candidate, and with nations like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have been identified as high growth markets by CBI/Ernst & Young in their publication Winning Overseas, learning to speak Arabic will only benefit you by opening up new opportunities for you.

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Which Type of Arabic Language Training is Right for You?

At London Arabic Tuition, we offer language training in formats to suit your learning style and budget.

Individual Tuition. Private language instruction is an excellent choice for students who wish to learn at their own pace and follow a customized course that has been developed for their language level and their learning goals. Students have the advantage of having the instructor’s full attention and can make progress quickly to become comfortable with the Arabic dialect they have chosen to study.

Small Group. Group lessons make learning a fun experience. They include plenty of opportunities to practice conversational Arabic. There is also the opportunity to make new friends who share your interest in learning a new language. Group lesson participants share in the cost of tuition, making this a budget-friendly choice.

Large Group. Large group lessons are another option offered at London Arabic Tuition. Group classes are offered to students of a similar level of ability so that they are all learning at about the same rate. There are plenty of chances to practice conversational skills through role playing, and the students also share the cost of tuition.

Business. We offer business Arabic courses which are designed to maximize a company’s potential to create a good impression with contacts in the Middle East, with a view to increasing sales and ultimately, boosting profits. Our courses focus on giving students a good understanding of conversation and business vocabulary.

Along with this sound base of knowledge, we provide instruction on Arabic culture and customs of the country or countries that our business clients are interested in or are currently doing business with.

Each course is developed on an individualized basis and crafted to fit the individual needs of our business clients. We can offer private (individual) and group instruction.

Would you like to find out more about London Arabic Tuition’s language courses to help you get your first job or move ahead in your current career? Perhaps you are considering a career change and learning to speak Arabic fits into your plans. Contact us now for more information about our courses and to find out which one is right for you.


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